Welcome to Swyft Consulting

We all have one thing in common – a future.
The question is, is yours bright and financially sound
or are there areas where you feel you could use a little honest advice?  

How do you feel about
Financial Planning?

The way you feel about financial planning was influenced by your upbringing and your past experiences. Unfortunately, this means your understanding of the value of financial planning is sometimes inadequate. Possibly, the thought of your financial future leaves you feeling uncomfortable, maybe you feel overwhelmed or even panicky.

Do concerns over your financial
future keep you awake at night?

A secure financial future requires you to be responsible and create healthy financial habits that will allow you to reduce your risk and enable a future of creating sustainable wealth which will bring you peace of mind. Don’t stress, most people are just like you, they don’t know much about investing money, planning for retirement or providing for those left behind after death. That’s quite understandable – you have a family to look after, a career to pursue, and a life to live. Rather than worry about your financial future, seek out an independent financial advisor to review your situation and advise you of your best options for a financially sound future.  

With a genuine interest in your future wealth and financial wellbeing, we identify your most intrinsic needs and create tailored solutions to help you reach your financial goals.

what we do

 We use a personalised and client-centric approach to offer unbiased and independent financial advice and support (intermediary) services. The aim is to ensure optimal value and exceptional service to each client approaching and belonging to the practice

who we are

Swyft Consulting was established with the sole purpose of truly making a difference in your life. We strive to build lasting relationships by providing independent, goal-oriented and future-proof advice.